When should you start potty training

You should wait until your child shows some signs of interest before starting with the potty training…

Don’t force the process.

If you start it too early, it will be very frustrating for you and for your child…

Frustrated kid

There is unfortunately no standard age at which you can say:

My child is ready

Most toddlers are ready to start potty training when they are between two and three years old.

Keep in mind that every child is different

Every child is different

Some children aren’t interested in potty training until they’re closer to 4.

Girls tend to be ready a few months earlier than boys.

Start potty training

What are some signs of readiness? The toddler…

  • Has bowel movements at about the same time during the day.
  • Does not poo during the night.
  • Often wakes up from sleep dry.
  • Stays dry for a couple of hours at a time.
  • Shows the need to urinate with gestures.
  • Sometimes talks about the potty. Shows signs of an interest in the bathroom and attempts to use the toilet.
  • Can tell you when the diaper is dirty.

Don’t wait until your toddler shows every sign listed above before you start training.

As soon as she or he shows several signs of readiness you can start with the process.

Let the potty training begin!

Let the potty training begin