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This blog contains some (hopefuly) useful tips for potty training :)

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My story

I’m a father of 3 wonderful kids (8, 6 and 2 years old). When my wife and I started teaching our first daughter to go on the toilet we quickly noticed that we could use an app to help us going through the dreaded potty training.

We tested some existing apps on the App Store but none of them could fulfill our requirements. Since I’m a software engineer I decided to build our own potty training app. My wife would help me with the requirements and we would test it live with our daugther!

The first version was very basic. If our kid managed to go on the toilet successfully we would add a success event in the app (wee or poo) and then she would tap on the the new icon to discover a colorful sticker. This incentive worked a great deal better than initially expected and within a few weeks she was potty trained!

Potty Toilet Training app

Then we continued to update the app to add more features:

  • Reminders for the next potty visits
  • Add multiple children
  • Play a little memory game while on the potty
  • Backup the data in iCloud

The app is still being updated regularly and most reviews fill us with joy and pride.

This is a simple and effective tool for me as a parent to remember to have my toddler sit on the potty. I wanted something that made a fun noise to remind us both and we could “mark” a successful potty trip that would travel with us. So long actual stickers! Love this so far!

Love the timers! Great if you have an Apple Watch. My daughter loves opening all her stickers at the end of the day! I’ve purchased 3 potty app and this one is my favorite! I would have to say, I don’t think we could’ve potty trained on 3 day without it!

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